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Supporting Clients with Remote Desktop Functionalities

VEremote was first developed for IT support centres that has the difficulty in supporting users that are non IT savvy. It is often that a user finds it frustrating that he or she does not understand the questions or instructions that are provided by the support personnel to resolve a problem. Support personnel usually requires a few calls before the problem can be resolved, especially if it is related to software applications. With that, VEremote was designed with an only objective – Improve First Call Resolution Rates in support centres.

Built seamlessly to work with VElive (Live Monitoring & Control), supervisors are provided with an invaluable tool that can take control of the agent’s screen to guide the agent during a call. The server-based application includes the remote access, control and management capabilities that are critical in the call centre industry. Supervisors no longer tied down in a single location to perform the job. Supervisors are provided with remote access functionalities that were previously unavailable. On job supervisors are provided with live audio with screen access together to maximize productivity and training. During remote access, supervisors can choose to record the intervention via VEcapture (Integrated Call & Screen Recording) for training or compliance purposes.

The system manages access restrictions rights between Agents and Supervisors based on pre-configurable settings. Accesses between parties are logged for audit trail purposes and secured with AES or 3DES encryption to protect data from being intercepted over the network connection by third parties. VEremote is commonly used for Agent Monitoring & Control, Agent Coaching & Live Training, Helpdesk Support Centres. For more information, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for access to our product demo.